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The year is 2096, and corporations aren’t the only thing that rule the world. Folks known as “mentals” have been taking over ever since the first well-known figure, Nathan Hunter, arrived on the scene way back in the earliest years of the century.

New psionic powers have been cropping up all over the place as the mentals breed their new wave of humanity into existence, but the working-class are fighting back. With the dawn of Magicorp in 2076, a new technology known as magic has been introduced that helps level the playing field between mentals and normals.

Most mentals and normals don’t get along; normals fear and resent the powers that the mentals have, and mentals have begun to fight back against the hate-mongerers in the Anti-Psi League. Occasionally the streets get ugly with fights between the two, but mostly the Corps run the cities nowadays and try to keep the Law (but not necessarily the peace) between the two.

It’s a tough world out there, and if you don’t pick a side you’re likely to get caught in the cross-fire. So where do you stand?

Main Page

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