Nathan Hunter

First well-known mental


Nathan Hunter (1997 – 2083)

Nathan Hunter was the first mental to become publicy known. In the year 2017 he broke free from a military testing facility in North Dakota, where he and two generations of family members before him had been held.

After an unsuccessful raid of the facility he came from, which had been abandoned by the time he returned, Hunter led a group of armed civilians to a similar research facility in Colorado. A long, bloody assault on the facility took place and over 100 government employees lost their lives, but Hunter and his crew managed to escape with 50 men, women, and children who were being held in the facility.

Hunter was forced to flee to South America after the attack, but his group was successful in forcing mentals into public awareness and the government was no longer able to continue operating its psychic research testing facilities.

In 2066 Hunter returned from South American and formed an underground network of psionicists who were devoted to repealing anti-psionic laws that had been put into place in the 2020s after the aforementioned raid on government facilities. By 2067, Hunter and his men had stormed the capital and assassinated the president of the NAU, in addition to the leader of the Anti-Psi League. With both the NAU and the APL removed from power, Hunter took over as president and repealed the anti-psionic laws of the 2020s.

Hunter remained president for several years until he was comfortable that the union was safe for mentals again. He died of natural causes at the age of 86.

Nathan Hunter

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